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What does Social Security consider a "Disability"?

One will generally be considered disabled if he or she is unable to work at a job for which they are reasonably suited (depending on age, education, and work experience) and the disability is expected to last at least 12 months or is likely to result in death.

Who Can get Disability Insurance Benefits?

The disabled worker if enough FICA taxes have been paid, their dependent children, and spouses aged 62 or older, or any age if caring for dependent eligible children under age 16.

How long does it take to get benefits?

It varies. Since only about one-third of initial applications are approved, the appeals process can take well over one year. Early intervention with representation can prevent unnecessary denials and lengthy delays.

What happens if the worker hasn't earned enough quarters of coverage, or "credits"?

The Supplemental Security Income Program, commonly referred to as "SSI", pays benefits to those who do not have enough credits, are disabled, and meet income and asset limitations.

If approved, how and when do I get Medicare?

Medicare enrollment is automatic after two years Disability Insurance Benefits eligibility. It has two parts, Hospital Insurance (no premium), and optional medical insurance (premium charged).

Are you applying or have you been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

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